Our Mission: Helping you express yourself through music

Secret Chord Laboratories is dedicated to helping people, regardless of musical training, to express themselves through music. We have spent years studying the interaction between music and the brain, and gained key insights about principles and aspects of music that lead to enjoyment. We have discovered what it is about a song that can blow your mind! We want your music to benefit from these discoveries.

Read about some of our early research in The Daily Mail UK:


Services: Recording/Mixing/Mastering

We offer a full-service music-production studio located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Secret Chord Laboratories is the perfect place to record your project. In addition, we offer professional-grade mixing and mastering services. Let Secret Chord Laboratories take your music to the next level.

Services: Composition Assistance

Through our research, we have been able to measure what it is about music that leads to a pleasurable response in the brain. More importantly, we have been able to reliably reproduce these results in new music compositions. Regardless of where you live, and regardless of where you are in your creative process, Secret Chord Laboratories can help you achieve the response you want in the minds of your listeners.

Secret Chord Laboratories’ upcoming software project - The Beet Factory 

The Beet Factory (currently under development) is an exciting and fun mobile video game featuring insights from our research. As you help Turnip the Beet escape her fate, stuck in a beet factory, you can create your own music compositions. The higher conveyor belts you reach as you have Turnip jump to freedom, the more uncommon the chords are that form the music that is produced. Avoid jumping too high, though, because Turnip must avoid the exhaust fans on the factory ceiling. Beets are NOT big fans of fans!

If you manage to help Turnip escape the factory, without either falling into the sugar mills or jumping up into the fan blades, the beet will drop, releasing the tension from the uncommon chords played on her way out of the beet factory.

You will have an original composition, one-of-a-kind, to share on various platforms if you wish!

Below is the trailer from The Beet Factory. The voiceover and music from the trailer were tracked and mixed at Secret Chord Laboratories.



The secret to the perfect pop song, revealed.
— - The Daily Mail UK

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